A Bit of Fabric Sparks the Imagination: Adding Costumes to Songs

Children Take Flight as Birds


This very simple costume idea was inspired by a dreamy folk song that I adapted for the children. The song has quite a bit of bird imagery which we first acted out together without the costumes.


These are the child-friendly lyrics we used adapted from the original (Buckeye Jim):

Way Up Yonder Above The Sky
A Bluebird Lived In A Jaybirds Eye

Darling One, Let Us Go
We’ll Skip and Run In the Moonlight’s Glow
I Love You So

More Stanzas:

Way Up Yonder Above The Moon
A Songbird Nests In A Silver Spoon

Way Down Yonder In A Hollow Log
A Red Bird Danced With A Green Bullfrog

Way Up Yonder In The Quiet Night
A Blackbird Sang In The Pink Moonlight



The effects of adding a simple costume element are quite remarkable. The children became the birds and were fully caught up in the song imagery.


We simply took long lengths of chiffon fabric in different colors, pleating them and knotting them at the back. We also safety pinned them to create arm holes. No cutting, stitching or sewing.

After adorning them with fabric, the children immediately took flight.bird7.jpg

Some birds were dreamier than others.bird9.jpg

Later parents held up long strips of blue fabric to represent the waves of the ocean and the sky.

This added another layer of interest as we sang the song in the background. bird3.jpg

Children took turns holding up and waving the blue fabric while the birdies ducked in and out of the flowing material.Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 2.29.06 PM.png

A very simple activity, but very sweet.

What are your costuming experiences and ideas? Please share them with us.



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